Grave Markers, Memorials and Monuments – What to Look For

Before purchasing a grave marker, make sure you find out about your cemetery’s rules and regulations governing marker placement and type. Some will only allow flat markers, while others allow both upright and flat ones. Cemeteries and some funeral homes display available markers. You can also visit a monument company where they are made.

Granite Monument

Grave markers can be made of stone such as granite or marble, or metals, such as bronze. They can be partially inscribed, with names and birthdates, and installed in the cemetery before one is deceased. Or they may be purchased, inscribed and installed when the death has occurred.

Inscriptions can be as simple or as detailed as you want them. Some monument companies can etch a portrait of the deceased and other scenes into the monument.

Types of grave markers include:


Bronze Markers

Memorials lie flush with the ground. The term "memorial park" refers to cemeteries that only allow flush memorials.



Monuments sit upright and vary in size.

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