Funeral Planning Checklist Forms and Guides

Prepare Your Own Funeral Plan Your Way

When you make arrangements with a funeral home and cemetery, you’ll be making various choices and selections. To prepare you (or your survivors) for this process we offer several ways you can create your funeral plan in advance.

  1. Checklist / Workbook Format. If you prefer working on paper, you can print out an easy-to-complete workbook and checklist that will help you compile all the information that will be needed when making funeral arrangements. See instructions below to Print Funeral Planning Workbook.
  2. Interactive Guide (Recommended). If you prefer working interactively, our FuneralWise Planner is a convenient way to make your funeral plans and share them with your family. Click below to get started with our Funeral Quick Plan. It’s Free, give it a try!

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Print Funeral Planning Forms

  1. If you need to arrange a funeral now, print out the Funeral Arrangement Form and use it to prepare all the information you will need when meeting with a funeral director.
  2. If you want to plan ahead, print out the Preneed Funeral Planning Form and use it to compile all the information for your funeral plan.

To meet their objectives each form is 15 printed pages, but don’t be put off by the length. You will most likely only need to complete a portion of it and spending a few extra minutes now will save you ample time and confusion when you meet with your funeral director.

Click on link below to print out the form that best meets your needs.

Print Funeral Arrangement Form
Print Preneed Funeral Planning Form

The forms contain 4 sections, as follows:

  • Section 1: Basic Information
  • Section 2: Detailed Funeral Service Information
  • Section 3: Detailed Funeral Merchandise Information
  • Section 4: Additional Personal Information

Download Instructions. Our forms are in .pdf format. You will need Adobe Acrobat® Reader® or a similar reader on your computer to view and print the guides. If you cannot open the form when you click on the above links, you can download Acrobat Reader free of charge by clicking on the Adobe icon below.

Get Acrobat Reader

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