How to Create an Online Funeral/Burial Insurance Quote

It’s Easy to Create an Online Quote and Apply for Coverage

These instructions assume that you have not yet created an online quote for funeral/burial insurance.

However, if you have already created an online quote but have not yet submitted an application, follow the instructions for retrieving your insurance quote.

Here’s what you do to create an online quote:

Just fill out the form below and click to Get Started. Our funeral insurance quote wizard will estimate the cost of your funeral and immediately quote a policy that will provide financial protection for you and your family. It takes only a few minutes to complete the wizard and there’s absolutely no obligation.

  1. First, you will complete a basic funeral plan to get the estimated cost of your funeral.

  2. Next you will save your funeral plan and you will immediately receive your insurance quote.

  3. On the quote page you can revise the policy amount and recalculate the quote if you wish.

  4. If you wish to apply for coverage, click the “Apply for Insurance” button and fill out the application form. You can complete your application entirely online in a short time. Applying online is easy and we’ll lead you through it step-by-step.

Do You Want to Create More Than One Quote?

If you want to create quotes for multiple family members – for yourself and a spouse, for your parents, or for your children – you can do it from one account. Here’s what you do:

  1. Create a quote for the first person as described above. During this process you will have saved a funeral plan in your account.

  2. Log on to your funeral plan with the email and password you used to save your plan at This will take you to the Manage My Plans page.

  3. Click on “Create a New Plan” to create a funeral plan for the second person. Enter the person’s name and relationship and a second plan will be added to your account.

  4. Make selections for Interment Arrangements, Funeral Services, and Additional Services to get an estimated funeral cost.

  5. Click the “Finances” link in the Plan Selections menu on the left.

  6. On the Finances page scroll down to the Get an Instant Funeral Insurance Quote form. Enter the State, Sex and Date of Birth and click “Start My Instant Quote” to create a quote for the second person. You can then submit an application as described above.

  7. If you go back to the Manage My Plans page you’ll see that you now have 2 funeral plans in your account. You can add as many plans as you wish.

If you have any questions about your quote or need assistance with an application, email us at [email protected] .

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