Celebrating Cemeteries

The Best Cemetery Road Trip List Ever – Fifty Cemeteries Fifty States, Maine to Illinois

Travel along with Justin Nobel as he takes a summer road trip that will inspire you to hit the trail…

1 year ago

Big Industry vs the Little Cemetery

On the north side of Detroit is a unique cemetery. Beth Olem, a historic Jewish cemetery, is located in the…

2 years ago

Drama in the Tombs: Cemetery Theater Takes Center Stage

America is divided. Cremations are up, burials are down, and one group of people appears to be running from cemeteries…

2 years ago

Life in America’s Only Airbnb Cemetery House is Awesome

On Airbnb you can stay in a Mongolian yurt, on the side of a volcano, or in any number of…

2 years ago

The Looming Death Of The Small Town American Cemetery

On a back road in the rolling farm country a few hours north of New York City is a picturesque…

2 years ago

Louisiana Flooding Is So Bad The Dead Are Coming Out Of The Ground, Again!

... while the caskets float up out of their tombs at St. Mark’s Cemetery, in Livingston Parish, and in other…

4 years ago

Colma, California: City of Souls

Colma, California is home to some 1.5 million residents--most of them residing in cemeteries. The town claims just 1,400 living…

5 years ago

Visiting Congressional Cemetery is a walk through history.

Author Christopher Haugh takes us along as he visits one of the most historically significant cemeteries in all of America.

5 years ago

Eloise Woods: A truly natural alternative to traditional burial.

Not far from bustling Austin, Texas in quiet Cedar Park is a truly natural burial park. Eloise Woods Community Natural…

5 years ago

The Hill of Crosses: A beautiful mystery.

For hundreds of years Catholic pilgrims have made their way to Northern Lithuania’s sacred Hill of Crosses to honor a…

5 years ago

“Exquisite Corpse” celebrates Woodlawn Cemetery’s jazz legacy.

Each April, Woodlawn hosts a special Jazz Appreciation Month. But this year, the cemetery was also a featured venue for…

5 years ago

Earth’s Ten Most Haunted Pet Cemeteries

Recently, I found myself wondering if there were any haunted pet cemeteries in New Orleans.

6 years ago

Enter the Land of Floating Tombs

The hurricane was not a major one but the sea still punched through a levee in tiny Braithwaite, 15 miles…

6 years ago

6 Spooky Cemeteries

With Halloween just around the corner it’s a great time to pass along a story about 6 of the spookiest…

6 years ago

New York’s Green-Wood Cemetery: final resting place of the rich and powerful.

Until the mid-1800s, cemeteries were almost exclusively small plots on church grounds. During the late 1700s, we began to see…

6 years ago