We’re used to seeing and hearing about death in video games. The way it usually works is whoever is dead is killed in some kind of combat. The new game, “A Mortician’s Tale,” is something entirely different. This game isn’t about killing. Instead, it’s about death and what happens next. We’re not talking about the afterlife; we’re talking about the steps that are undertaken (pun intended) to handle the body — from embalming to burial or cremation. Read Full Article

Students at Baylor University in Waco, Texas can now take a course that explores the topic of death and dying. The for-credit class is offered through the college of sociology.  Every day you are one day closer to death. One of the most sought after questions that humans have tried to answer is “what is next—what happens when you die?” For students in Dr. Kathryn Mueller’s SOC 4310: Death and Dying course, students study the process of death and its implications on society. Scholars and academics have studied the dying process for years and now Baylor students can study the process of death and grieving and how it affects our society.  Read the full story College course that explore the topic are not entirely new. Kean University in New Jersey, for example, began offering a death-related course in 2014. The class, taught by  Dr. Norma Bowe was extremely popular. It’s not clear if the the course is still offered. How would you feel about taking a class like this? Read Full Article
Virtual Reality Death

A team of scientists in Barcelona is using virtual reality to give people the experience of death. The experiment is designed to give participants an “out of body” experience in order to overcome fear of death.  Read Full Article
Human Bone Collectors

A week or so ago we ran across an article in an industry blog highlighting an interview with a top collector of human bones. Yes, human bones. As it turns out, there’s a pretty big market out there. Read Full Article

In the thick woods not far from Louisiana’s capitol city of Baton Rouge is a crumbling graveyard containing the bodies of individuals who were once enslaved. In fact, they tilled the very cane fields that their bones are now resting beside. Read Full Article
Capture Memorial Day Photo Contest Winner 2016

A photo of a service person participating in the annual Flags-In ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery was chosen as the Grand Prize Winner of the Funeralwise.com 2016 Capture “Flags-In, Memorial Day,” submitted by Amber Knickman of Morrisville, PA Memorial Day Photo Contest. The photo, “Flags-In, Memorial Day,” submitted by Amber Knickman of Morrisville, PA, was by far the fan favorite receiving the top number of votes. Read Full Article
National Geographic Death Rituals

A woman pulls back a golden curtain and slips inside a room to speak to her husband, “Papa, Papa.” Read Full Article
Ma 'Nene Funeral Custom

Funeral customs and personalization top this week’s news, along with a new trend that features holding your funeral before you die. Read Full Article
Corpses look alive

With funeral personalization is on the rise with more corpses look alive at their own funerals. Also in the news: Hotwire and death ads, the legacy of the single person, and an artist makes death real. Read Full Article

First lady Nancy Reagan’s funeral details released and Pat Conroy laid to rest. Read Full Article
Justin Nobel

Digital Dying writer Justin Nobel is normally reporting on the news, not the subject of it. Recently, however, Justin had the tables turned on him when he was interviewed for Death–the Podcast. Read Full Article
Home Funerals: Marzanna Doll

The increasing interest in home funerals tops this week’s news. We learned about Diane Rehm’s thoughts on life and death, how to think outside the box when it comes to your funeral, and got insight into the term “natural causes.” Read Full Article
Celebrity Death Pools

We’re working on a story about the phenomena of celebrity death pools and want to know what you think. Take our poll to let us know.Read Full Article
Donald Trump burned in effigy

Home funerals, saying goodbye, and learning more about how we handle grief are at the top of this week’s news. We also learned more about our ancient ancestors and gained insights into what is on the mind of baby boomers when it comes to death. Read Full Article
Viking Funeral

How we grieve, what our last moments look like, and the history of mourning all made it to this week’s news. In the odd department, an Australian woman thwarts her own murder and then at her funeral surprises her husband who had ordered the hit. Read Full Article
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