Cemeteries for Movie Lovers: check out these 10 hot spots.

By: Molly Gorny | Date: Tue, July 28th, 2015

Looking for a destination for your next vacation? How about a trip to one of these star-studded cemeteries? We’ve highlighted 10 cemeteries for movie lovers that are well worth a visit.

1. Hollywood Forever — Los Angeles, CA

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Hollywood Forever

Whether you want to visit a movie location or hunt for a star’s grave, Hollywood Forever is the tops on the list. You can even take in a movie at one of it’s popular film screenings or concerts. (Photo Source: moviepix.com)

2. Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Village — Glendale, CA

Cemeteries for movie lovers: : Marilyn Monroe

Westwood is not known as a movie location. The main attraction here is the density of star graves. There are ALOT of stars buried at Westwood. Of course, Marilyn Monroe is one of the most popular. Before you go, download one of the many maps that are available online. (Photo Source: pinterest.com)

 3. Green-Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn, New York City, New York, USA

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Greenwood Cemetery

Brooklyn’s Green-Wood is a popular movie location. Among the movies filed there were Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close and The Departed. It is also a frequent location for TV series, particularly Law & Order. While not a hot spot for movie actor burials, you can find the burial site of silent star Western star, William S. Hart. As you walk through the graves you’ll see many prominent politicians, activists, artists, and other notables. (Photo Source: green-wood.com)

4. Bonaventure Cemetery, Savannah, GA

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Bonaventure Cemetery

Highly recognized as a key location in the film “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil”, St. Bonaventure offers much to see. It is the final resting place for the famed songwriter Johnny Mercer. Notable for it’s rich sculptures and cenotaphs, Bonaventure is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. (Photo Source: pinterest.com)

 5. Highgate Cemetery, London

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Highgate Cemetery

A favorite movie location for horror films such as “Taste the Blood of Dracula” and “From Beyond the Grave,” this historic cemetery is the final resting place for a wide range of notables from Karl Marx to Sr. Ralph Richardson. Highgate is often said to be rife with supernatural activity, including the persistent rumor that is home to a vampire. (Photo Source: free-photos.biz)

6. Brompton Cemetery, London

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Brompton

Brompton is a popular location for both films and television series. Among the films that have used the grounds are Golden Eye, Johnny English, and The Wings of the Dove. Brompton is the final resting place for many British actors and actresses as well as artists, politicians, and industrialists. (Photo Source: cemeteryclub.wordpress.com)

7. Peter’s Church Cemetery (Petersfriedhof) — Salzburg, Austria

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Salzburg_St_Peters_Friedhof_Katakomben_Maximianuskapelle

The oldest cemetery in Salzburg, Austria, Petersfriedhof or St. Peter’s Cemetery, is of great historical significance. The cemetery dates back to 700AD with its oldest tombstone dating back to 1288. As a movie location it is treasured as the site of the famous hiding out scenes in “The Sound of Music.” Among its most famous “residents” is the sister of Mozart. (Photo Source: de.academic.ru)

 8. Normandy American Cemetery, Colleville-sur-Mer, France

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Normandy American Cemetery

Located on a bluff overlooking France’s Omaha Beach and the English Channel, Normandy American Cemetery was seen in both the opening and closing of “Saving Private Ryan.” The cemetery was also used in “The Omen.” The remains of 9,387 American Military are in repose there. (Photo Source: twitter.com)

 9. Calvary Cemetery (Queens, New York)

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Calvary Cemetery

Calvary is loaded with stars from the early era such as Arthur O’Connell and Nancy Carroll. For movie lovers the real draw is the hunt for the burial site of Don Corleone since it was used as the film location for his funeral in “The Godfather.” “Zoolander” also filmed in Calvary. While you’re visiting, be sure to check out the grave sites of the many real life mobsters, politicians, and military figures who are buried there. (Photo Source: wikiwand.com)

 10. Laurel Hill Cemetery, Philadelphia, PA

Cemeteries for movie lovers: Laurel Hill

Laurel Hill was the filming location for the funeral of Adrian in “Rocky.” A granite headstone was made for the shoot and is still in place at the cemetery today. (Photo Source: citypaper.net)

More cemeteries for movie lovers:

  • Mount Hope Cemetery, Bangor, ME: Pet Sematary, Walk Among the TombstonesOther cemeteries for movie lovers:
  • Lafayette Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, LA: Double Jeopardy, Interview with a Vampire
  • Trinity Church Cemetery, Manhatten, NY: The Royal Tenenbaums
  • Christ Church Burial Ground, Philadelphia, PA: National Treasure
  • Cementerio de la Merced, Marfa, Texas: Fandango
  • Bagdad Cemetery, Leander, Texas: Texas Chainsaw Massacre
  • St. Louis Cemetery No. 1, New Orleans, LA: Easy Rider
  • Cambridge Cemetery, Cambridge, MA: Thomas Crown Affair

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