A Coffin-building Party

By: Funeralwise | Date: Thu, September 4th, 2014

Coffin-building Party

Part of the coffin building process.

In his August 31 post in the Chris Schwarz Blog, author Christopher Schwarz introduces us to the art of coffin making. Schwarz shares the events that took place when he got together with friends and fellow word workers for a “coffin-building party”.

”After talking to some of my woodworking friends, I found I wasn’t alone in my desire to build a coffin, so six of us got together this weekend for a couple days of building coffins and experimenting with the different techniques.

Read the full story: A Coffin-building Party

The article outlines the process of design and construction of the boxes and actually sounds surprisingly complex, at least to the non-wood worker. The team seems to have had lots of fun (there are plenty of pictures) during their quest to build the perfect coffin. We’re not sure if Schwarz will be building any more coffins, but we’ll bet he and his friends talk about their experience for a while.

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