Weekly News 5/1/2015: Notable deaths this week

This week we said goodbye to a treasured soul singer, a inspirational weight loss visionary, an iconic voice, and a child actress. We witnessed Mother Nature's wrath in Nepal and watched New Orleans celebrate life and death.

Camp Hope

Digital Dying Weekly News: 3/20/2015

Inspirational words about life from a nonagenarian, news that Tim Cook tried to donate his liver to Steve Jobs, and the death of renown author Terry Pratchett top our weekly news headlines.

What you should know about exploding caskets

What you should know about exploding caskets

From time-to-time the topic of exploding caskets comes up in the news. A recent article published in the Washington Post by Josh Slocum revisits the issue. As you read the article we recommend that you keep in mind that things may not always be as simple as they sound. With that in mind, we invite our funeral director readers to weigh in in the topic of sealer caskets.

David Bowie, And The Art of Dying

Can a person transform their death into an artistic statement? Can a person envision their own death in such a way that it actually becomes part of the creative oeuvre that was their life? David Bowie's death brought these questions to the surface, and surely others will keep asking them

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