Welcome To The Age Of The Bicycle Hearse

Bicycles are blazing in cities across the United States, with bike-share programs, bike shops, bicycle-friendly cafes and bicycle-friendly clothing lines popping up regularly, but a recent New York Times article about the über-friendly bicycle city of Copenhagen brought something new to our attention—the bicycle hearse.

Are Robot Morticians Just Around The Corner?

“So-called robot nannies are already a hit in Japan and China and are now beginning to appear stateside,” the article stated. I obviously find myself wondering what’s next, and unsurprisingly am led to the profession of death, and this million-dollar question: Are robot morticians just around the corner? Let me help unpack that question.

Welcome Spring! Now Here Are Three Ways to Compost—Your Human Body..

With the beginning of Spring, the time of yard chores has begun. Planting flowers, putting out the lawn furniture, and getting that compost pile going. Although, this year brings a new type of composting into the mix, as the world has taken one step further along the path of composting human bodies. Learn more by reading Justin Noble's latest article on the Digital Dying blog.

Temperatures Soar And A New Way Of Dying Emerges—Death By Heat

While hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, and blizzards often take the headlines when it comes to weather-related deaths, it is actually heatwaves that kill the most people. Digital Dying's Justin Nobel takes a look at death as a result of high temperatures.

Imagining the “Solar Cemetery” – A Talk With Mortician Caitlin Doughty

With the cost of land rising around the country and an increase in the popularity of cremation, it's become harder and harder for cemeteries to remain profitable. Justin Nobel sits down with Caitlin Doughtery to talk about the trends shaping today's cemetery business and how the industry might embrace alternative land uses such as becoming small scale wind or solar farms.

In These Tragic Times, Are There More Half-Staff Flags?

Yet in our turbulent times, just who is it that gets to decide when to raise the flag half-staff? And has the calculus for that decision changed over time, as the nature and pace of our tragedies has changed? Read on to find out what our Justin Nobel found when he looked into the topic of the half-staff flag.

Who will be the first human to die on Mars?

Elon Musk wants to die on Mars and apparently there are lots of other people who want the same thing. But what does that really mean and will it happen. Justin Nobel investigates--who will be the first person to die on Mars. Read on for more...

Louisiana Flooding Is So Bad The Dead Are Coming Out Of The Ground, Again!

... while the caskets float up out of their tombs at St. Mark’s Cemetery, in Livingston Parish, and in other cemeteries across southern Louisiana, the citizens of the state are out to help. And surely, when the waters finally settle, there will be people to volunteer for that one additional odd but essential job: Putting the dead back in the ground.

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