Weekly News: Living past 100

It's not unusual to hear that our life spans are increasing, what may be a surprise is that those who have passed 100-years are also living longer. Also in the news are movies, mourning, and honest talk about death.

Suicide Prevention Month

Weekly News 9/18/2015: Suicide Prevention Month.

September is Suicide Prevention Month. If you are troubled, speak up. If you know of someone who is suffering and may be contemplating suicide, start a conversation with them. It could mean the difference between life and death.

Self-penned obituary

The self-penned obituary: Is this labor of love a trend or a movement?

We still read obituaries for the same reasons we always have—to learn more about others who passed our way, how they lived their lives, and who they left behind. The trouble is, for most people, the traditional obituary doesn't provide much insight into the real essence of the person being memorialized. But things are changing...

ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Why the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge Is Truly Useful

Awareness! As my family trudged through the journey that ALS is, I was amazed at how many people had no idea what ALS is or how to really help someone with ALS, even those in the medical community.

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