Ukraine War Funerals

How to Bury the Dead When They Are All Around You? A Funerary Snapshot of Ukraine

Every war leaves behind unimaginable numbers of dead and the war in Ukraine is no different. For each of the dead, loved ones must find a way to grieve. In the case of Ukraine, we are watching in real-time as the country tries courageously to hold tight to the ceremonies, processes, and moments that allow for grief and, at the same time, honor the loss of life. Our Justin Nobel offers his take on the way that Ukrainians are taking on the difficult task of caring for those who they've lost and those who are left behind.

The Many Ways to Die by Climate Change – Hurricane Ida And A World of Compounding Disasters

Within the past few weeks flash floods have torn through Arizona and Colorado, fires have raged across California and Oregon, and on Sunday Hurricane Ida crashed through Louisiana causing catastrophic damage. As climate change expands from a scientific theory hotly debated that seemed like it might slightly tweak the weather of some far-off future to an established fact that is altering the world and reshaping our lives, the deaths that befall us are changing too. As Digital Dying has reported across a variety of topics, climate change is not just reshaping the way we live, it is redefining how we die. Read Justin Noble's latest in Digital Dying.

Extraordinary Funeral Traditions

Weekly News 12/28/2015: Fake funerals and more.

From fake funerals to tests that tell you when you'll die, this week's news had it all. We also saw the touching story of a young boy who was given police honors and got a look at San Quentin's death row.

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