Thousands Cheer On the Cubs from Heaven

By: Rick Paskin | Date: Sun, October 23rd, 2016

Chicago Cubs Fans
The Chicago Cubs are making a long awaited return to the World Series. Fans are sure their dearly departed are watching. Pictured is Roger Corthier, die-hard Cubs fan, circa 1945.

It’s the top of the 9th inning and Cubs fans everywhere are standing, watching, and anxiously waiting for the Cubbies to close out the Dodgers and go to their first World Series in 71 years. Could it really be happening? Isn’t something about to go drastically wrong? Then the Cubs turn a double play and it’s over. Cubs 5, Dodgers 0. Bedlam – in Chicago and in heaven.

I’m watching in the kitchen, my wife Debbie is in the family room catching up on Project Runway. It’s not that she doesn’t want to watch the Cubs, it’s that she thinks she is bad luck for them. She’s convinced that when she watches they lose. Typical Cubs fan.

Now the game’s over, the Cubs are going to the World Series and Debbie feels it’s safe to watch the celebration. The tears are flowing. She’s thinking about her father, Roger Corthier, a die-hard Cub fan. As a young man in the Navy, stationed at Great Lakes Naval Base north of Chicago, Roger attended a World Series game the last time the Cubs were in it, way back in 1945. Like all long-suffering Cubs fans, nothing would have made him happier than to see his beloved Cubs return to the Fall Classic. Debbie is recalling memories of him riding their John Deere tractor with his transistor radio in hand listening to the Cubs.

When it’s 71 years between World Series appearances, many fans do not live to see their team reach the pinnacle of the sport. But Debbie is convinced that her Dad is still watching and cheering on the Cubs. She is not alone, many of us are thinking about the legions of Cubs fans that are not with us today but we know they are watching from heaven. Because there is no doubt that all Cubs fans go to heaven. It’s their reward for keeping the faith.

Do you have a parent or grandparent who is watching the Cubs from the great skybox above? Please tell us about them. Also feel free to share memories of long-suffering Cleveland Indians fans. They have most likely earned a ticket to heaven as well.

4 thoughts on “Thousands Cheer On the Cubs from Heaven”

  1. Lisa

    My mom passed away in August. When she found out she was terminal, Mom was worried about her loved ones she was leaving behind. We all told her we would be ok. Then she said, “This is the Cubs year and I am going to miss it!” Well, she may not be here in person to watch the World Series but she has the best seats in the house, along with all the other Die-hard Cubs fans watching from the heavens. GO CUBS GO.

  2. Rose Blancher

    Grew up a 3rd generation Cubs fan, & proud of it. I planned many trips home to coincide with a Cubs home series & usually brought my dad with me. As a child, my dad used to put up all the seats in a row of the grandstand to earn a bleacher ticket. He died still believing in his Cubbies. As did my mom.

  3. Larry

    My Mom and I went to the White Sox World Series in 2005. At the time she was 86 years old. The last time the White Sox won the World Series it was in 1917. She was probably the oldest person in White Sox park. My Mom was born on April 6, 1919 and died on January 25, 2014 (almost 95 years old). It was exciting to be at the White Sox World Series, but in truth, my Mom was always wishing for the Cubs to get back to the World Series as she was a die hard Cubs fan. If you recall, the Cubs were close to getting back to the World Series in 2013. Like Debbie, in the blog, I started crying because my first thought after the Cubs win was my Mom would be very happy right now! She just missed it by two years! Since my family has had two season tickets for over 30 years, she would have been there to see the Cubs win the Pennant. My thoughts are how many other people are thinking that my Grandparents and Parents just missed it.

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