Weekly News 05/15/2015: B.B. King Dies

By: Funeralwise | Date: Mon, May 18th, 2015

Weekly News: B.B. King dies
Blues legent B.B. King passed away on May 14th in Law Vegas, Nevada. He was 89. (Photo source: Inquisitr.com)

Weekly News 05/15/2015: B.B. King Dies

Topping this week’s Digital Dying news was the death of blues legend B.B. King. Jim Wright, former U.S. Speaker of the House also died this week. In other news,  the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released data this week regarding the most distinct causes of death in each state from 2001 to 2010 and we learned about a remote site off New Zealand that houses the remains of numerous space craft.

Weekly News: B.B. King dies

Blues legent B.B. King passed away on May 14th in Law Vegas, Nevada. He was 89. (Photo source: Inquisitr.com)

B.B. King, Blues Legend, Dead at 89

May 15, 2015—Rolling Stone: B.B. King, the larger-than-life guitarist and singer who helped popularize electric blues and brought it to audiences for more than six decades, died Thursday in Las Vegas. He was 89. King, who was diagnosed with diabetes nearly 30 years ago, was hospitalized last month due to dehydration. Last October, he was forced to cancel eight tour dates for dehydration and exhaustion. His attorney, Brent Bryson, confirmed his death to the Associated Press… Read the full story

>>King service is in Vegas, burial in Indianola

Bullets, Syphilis and Accidents Map U.S. Geography of Odd Deaths

May 15, 2015—U.S. News & World Report: You’re more likely to be shot by accident and die in Alabama than anywhere else in the U.S. Further west in Louisiana, it’s syphilis. Think you’ll escape the clutches of strange death further north? Septicemia, a bloodstream infection, claimed more lives per person in New Jersey than any other state… Read the full story

Spacecraft Cemetery: A watery grave

May 15, 2015—Otago Daily News: Thousands of kilometres off New Zealand’s coast, at the bottom of the most remote area of the Pacific Ocean, the broken-up remains of spacecraft rest in a watery grave. Known as the Spacecraft Cemetery, the area is located 3900km southeast of Wellington and is home to the scattered remains of 161 space stations and robotic freighters… Read the full story

Let’s Reinvent How We Talk About Death

May 15, 2015—Ozy: Americans don’t do death very well. We hesitate even to invoke the word, especially around children. I include myself in “we”: Some months ago I struggled to tell my 4-year-old that his uncle, my brother-in-law, had died. In the end I resorted to simplicity and straightforwardness. My son asked a few questions, then surprised me with his perceptive, forward-looking response: He said it was now his job to be his grandfather’s helper… Read the full story

Driver, funeral director stop for coffee, leave hearse with Army veteran unattended

May 13, 2015—ABC News: A Florida hearse driver and a funeral director are out of a job after taking a coffee break on their way to an Army veteran’s funeral. Rob Carpenter said he confronted the two when he spotted the hearse with the flag-draped coffin of 84-year-old Lt. Col. Jesse Coleman unattended at a Dunkin’ Donuts in New Port Richey… Read the full story

How Big Bird Helped Kids Cope with Death

May 12, 2015—Bright.com: Probably like many of you, I attribute many of my earliest life lessons to Sesame Street. When I was a year old, barely able to take a few steps unassisted, Elmo and Grover taught me the concept of an alphabet. “What is H for?” my mom would ask. Apparently, I would respond by drooling “huuuu” and turning my tiny thumbs and index fingers into a triangle — my version of a roof on a house. When my sister came around a while later, Sesame Street showed me the importance of sharing and the value of siblings. At the time, I was side-eyeing her crib (I mean, my crib) pretty hard. Bert and Ernie helped me understand and process my jarring new reality… Read the full story

US House Speaker Jim Wright remembered at Fort Worth funeral

May 11, 2015—Star Telegram: Hundreds gathered in Fort Worth on Monday to remember former U.S. House Speaker Jim Wright, who died last week at the age of 92. Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports that those attending the funeral for the longtime Texas Democrat at the First United Methodist Church included Republican U.S. Reps. Kay Granger and Roger Williams and Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price… Read the full story (link no longer available)

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