Weekly News 11/30/2015: Jonah Lomu Haka Salute

By: Funeralwise | Date: Tue, December 1st, 2015

A military tank hearse was one of the more unusual requests for funeral transport. (Source: grimsbytelegraph.co.uk)

In an inspiring display of comradery, teammates honored New Zealand rugby great Jonah Lomu with a breathtaking Haka dance as he was laid to rest. In other news, little-known presidential candidate, Zoltan, crosses the country in a coffin, we discover a long-forgotten cemetery for London’s 12th century sex workers, and an Austin, Texas pastor tells what he has learned about life after death from those who have experienced it.

Jonah Lomu honored with series of hakas during emotional public funeral

11/30/2015–sbnation.com: Jonah Lomu was powerful. Jonah Lomu was fast. Jonah Lomu was awe-inspiring. There are dozens of descriptors we could apply to the greatest rugby player ever. In the end all that needs to be said is that he was an amazing man that conjured the imaginations of a nation. Now, New Zealand is adapting to life after Lomu… Read the full story

Our Bodies, Ourselves

11/30/2015–newyorker.com: Caitlin Doughty, who was about to open her first funeral parlor, in Los Angeles, gazed at a skull that she had put on display above the desk in her office. Although it was plaster, the skull was a provocative presence in a room where Doughty planned to receive grieving families. It was mid-June, and that afternoon John Gettys, a field representative of the California Cemetery and Funeral Bureau, was coming to give the business a final…Read the full story

Meet Zoltan, the presidential candidate who drives a coffin

11/30/2015–bbc.com: “I had been working for National Geographic, traveling, doing all these fun things and then all of a sudden, I nearly stood on a land mine in Vietnam,” Zoltan Istvan tells me, as we sit in the lobby of a hotel just a few minutes walk from the White House. “My guide tackles me, throws me down, and saves my life. It was then that I decided that it was time to really dedicate myself to stopping death – stopping death for me, and stopping death for my loved ones… Read the full story

Weekly News: Jonah Lomu honored

A military tank hearse was one of the more unusual requests for funeral transport. (Source: grimsbytelegraph.co.uk)

Top 10 unusual funeral vehicles include Del Boy three-wheeler and Scooby Do Mystery Machine

11/29/2015–grimsbytelegraph.co.uk: What funeral vehicle would say more about you? A survey conducted by a funeral vehicle coachbuilder has revealed the top 10 most unusual vehicle requests, with a Del Boy style three-wheeler, a Scooby Doo Mystery Machine and an airport fire engine all making the list of irregular transport requirements… Read the full story

#nocoffin: the natural death movement

11/28/2015–abc.net.au: Holistic Funeral Director Libby Moloney is the founder of the Natural Death Advocacy Network, an organisation advocating holistic approaches to dying and death. Ms Moloney said the natural death movement was becoming more popular, partially as a response to the cost of conventional funeral care and also because of the environmental impact… Read the full story

Weekly News: Jonah Lomu honored

The shrine at Crossbones Graveyard. (Source: broadly.vice.com)

Celebrating Life at a Forgotten Cemetery for Sex Workers

11/27/2015–broadly.vice.com: In the UK, we’re accustomed to sober monuments celebrating politicians, royalty and fallen soldiers: Big grey blocks of stone with oversized men sat on bronze horses. But now, from the belly of a Transport for London building site in South London, one of the most powerful, colorful, and exciting monuments has risen up celebrating the unlikeliest of British heroes: 12th century sex workers… Read the full story

He Studied 1,000 Cases of People Who Claim They Visited Heaven After Nearly Dying. Here are the ‘Phenomenal’ Patterns This Pastor Discovered.

11/26/2015– theblaze.com: Pastor John Burke of Gateway Church in Austin, Texas, has studied more than 1,000 near-death experiences, noting some “phenomenal” consistencies surrounding what people claim to have observed in the afterlife — patterns that he says align perfectly with the Bible. Burke examines these stories in detail in his new book, “Imagine Heaven: Near-Death Experiences, God’s Promises, and the Exhilarating Future That Awaits You,” recently appearing on The Church Boys podcast to share the most prevalent claims about heaven… Read the full story

Online businesses aim to help death planning

11/25/2015–orlandosentinel.com: To cater to those in mourning, some companies offer a means to plan for and deal with death online, without the deceased’s loved one actually leaving the home. Joel Brown, who created DocuVital software to enable users to get affairs in order, said he and his ex-wife drove from South Florida to his father-in-law’s Lakeland home nearly every weekend for six months… Read the full story

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