Weekly News 8/14/2015: Saying goodbye to Kaiser Carlile

By: Funeralwise | Date: Mon, August 17th, 2015

Kaiser Carlile

This week we said goodbye as Kaiser Carlile was laid to rest. Kaiser, working as a batboy, died after being accidently struck with a bat. We were also saddened to learn that Frank Gifford, the famed New York Giants football player and broadcast announcer, passed away this week. In other headlines, we were reminded of the importance of continuing the conversation about suicide as we marked the anniversary of the death of Robin Williams. We also learned more about the role of “death doulas,” the trend toward cremation, and a bill aimed at helping the remains of veterans find their way home.

Weekly News 8/14/2015: Saying goodbye to Kaiser Carlile

Things get weird at NYC’s funeral home for the rich and famous

Aug 15, 2015–nypost.com: It’s the place New York City’s elite are dying to get into: Frank E. Campbell, the illustrious funeral home that has waked everyone from Rudolph Valentino to Biggie Smalls, John Lennon to Joan Rivers, Walter Cronkite to Heath Ledger. At Campbell, confidentiality is key, and even in death — that great equalizer — celebrities are supposed to go out with more elegance and style than the rest of us. Jackie O, for example, was embalmed in her apartment so that the press wouldn’t get a photo of her in a body bag. Instead, she was removed from her Fifth Avenue apartment building in a casket… Read the full story

Lincoln funeral train returns to life

Aug 15, 2015–freep.com: The Abraham Lincoln funeral train has returned to life. Now touring through much of Ohio and Indiana: the replica 1860s-era steam locomotive named Leviathan; and the funeral car, the United States. Both will remind Americans of the incredible journey of the Abraham Lincoln funeral train as it chugged from Washington, D.C. to Springfield, Ill.,150 years ago. Over 13 days, it stopped in 180 cities and seven states as it carried the president’s body home.

“Death doulas” are helping Americans savor the last days of their lives

Aug 14, 2015–qz.com: The first moments of life can be filled with heightened emotions, confusing paperwork, and plentiful bodily fluids. Life’s final moments are often similar. And just as the past few decades have seen a growing number of doulas (the term is Greek for “woman who serves”) providing emotional and practical support for women during childbirth, the past few years have seen a growing number of individuals offering similar services at death. Birth doulas guide you into life; death doulas guide you out… Read the full story

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Funeral Homes Seeing More Demand for Cremation

Aug 12, 2015–wset.com: Not only does the cost of living keep going up, but so does the cost of dying. More of us than ever are looking for ways to cut costs when it comes to making arrangements for a loved one. By the end of this year, the National Funeral Directors Association predicts cremation will be a more popular choice than your traditional burial… Read the full story

Practical Ways to Deal With the Anxiety of Death

Aug 12, 2015–huffingtonpost.com: At some point or the other in our lives, we and our loved ones, are all bound to go through the anxiety of death and dying. Here are some practical ways to deal with it: 1. If your physical condition allows it, breathe deeply every now and then. Make every deep breath, a conscious breath. This gives a connection to an awareness, which is beyond the body, something that cannot be grasped intellectually, but experienced most tangibly within the body. (Try it now!)… Read the full story

Some funeral homes hold veterans’ ashes despite law

Aug 12, 2015–omaha.com: Some funeral homes in Nebraska are still holding onto unclaimed veterans’ ashes despite a new law intended to help shield them from lawsuits whenever they release the cremains to other organizations. The Nebraska chapter of the Missing in America Project works to recover the unclaimed ashes and connect them with family if possible, or arrange a military funeral when it isn’t… Read the full story

Save Money on Funeral Costs: Here’s How

Aug 11, 2015–fool.com: As if enduring the funeral of a loved one isn’t unpleasant enough, there’s also the unpleasantness of paying for it. Average funeral costs are substantial — fortunately, though, there are ways to reduce your total bill. Before going into ways to save on funeral costs, let’s review just what the costs are, on average. Below are the most recent figures available from the National Funeral Directors Association (NFDA):… Read the full story

Robin Williams one year later: It shouldn’t take a celebrity death to talk about depression, suicide

Aug 11, 2015–blog.pennlive.com: Robin Williams is dead. And America is talking about depression and suicide. But it shouldn’t take a celebrity death to call attention to what is, in fact, an all-too-common problem. And it’s a conversation we should be having all the time. The numbers tell the story. Some 30,000 Americans will commit suicide by year’s end, according to data compiled by Suicide Awareness Voices of Education, which operates the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255)… Read the full story

Project, bill aim to provide proper burial for unclaimed veterans’ remains

Aug 8, 2015–triblive.com:  Friends and family surrounded Jeannette McCarthy as they mourned and said goodbye at her burial last Thursday. A few minutes earlier, her husband, Chester McCarthy, and sister, Elizabeth Arnold, bid farewell to James Rodgers, a Navy veteran they’d never met. “He had no family, so we were asked to sit in,” Arnold said. Rodgers, who died in July, was buried in the National Cemetery of the Alleghenies in Cecil, an honor that eludes thousands of veterans nationwide whose cremated remains go unclaimed, sometimes for years… Read the full story

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