In Honor of Embalming – Rock Star Louisiana Funeral Director Courtney Baloney Defends the Corpse

Part 2 of our exclusive Interview With Courtney Baloney, the Louisiana Funeral Director at the Center of Covid-19. In this extraordinary interview, Mr. Baloney goes into detail on the issue of cremation, another potent topic in the funeral community and one that Covid-10 has brought back into focus. Among the other topics he offers his unique insight into are: What constitutes a proper good-bye, and what role does the human body play in the funeral ceremony? Must a body be seen in person by those in grief? Is a body something that should be worked upon in death, made to look beautiful, and mastered like an art project? Or should the body be able to dissolve back into the earth in a more ‘natural’ manner?

The Louisiana Funeral Director at the Center of Covid-19: An Exclusive Interview With Courtney Baloney

Digital Dying learned first-hand from Courtney Baloney of Treasures of Life, a funeral services center in St. James Parrish, Louisiana. Courtney shared what it is like to be on these front lines of Covid, and just how the pandemic has reshaped his community, his profession, and himself. Courtney’s words are powerful, his story is important, and his message, despite all the pain and suffering, is also beautiful. In this first interview of two, he discusses his work as an embalmer on the front lines of Covid-19, and in a second interview to be published next month, he discusses his views on the art and importance of embalming. In an age when the practice seems to regularly be on the receiving end of fresh criticism, and new modes and methods of death-care have blossomed—and been written about extensively here at Digital Dying—Courtney’s words add needed complexity to the issue, and will likely turn a few heads too. So stay tuned for that in January.

What to Expect on the Funeral Front in 2019, From Digital Dying

While we can't predict the future, we are certain that for the funeral industry, change is on the horizon. As the new year clicks into action, Justin Nobel of Digital Dying offers some perspective on trends he anticipates to blossom further in the new year, as well as new ones that may emerge.

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