Dealing With Cemeteries and Funeral Homes


As President of American Cemetery/Mortuary Consultants, Inc., Larry Anspach provides consulting, valuation, and brokerage services to cemeteries and funeral homes. For over 30 years, Larry has visited cemeteries and funeral homes throughout the United States and abroad, keeping in touch with trends, operating practices, and the patterns of the “death care” business.

Larry also knows what it is like to be on the front lines as an owner and operator. From 1973 to 1986, Larry was the owner and Chief Operating Officer of Cedar Park Cemetery and Funeral Home in Chicago, IL. He later formed Charon Holdings to acquire 18 funeral homes — all based in Wisconsin.

Larry is known as an innovator in the industry. As the Wall Street Journal said in its cover story on him, “Lawrence Anspach believes that serving the living is good for his business.”

If you have questions about cemeteries or funeral homes, how to choose one, what to expect from them, what your rights are as a consumer, or anything about the industry in general, feel free to contact Larry Anspach at [email protected]

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