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What’s the wise way to plan a funeral? Your way!

It starts with planning ahead and we make it easy to get started. Begin with some basic cost estimates based on industry average funeral costs and build your plan from there.

You’re in control every step along the way. By planning ahead you can take your time and plan at your convenience.


To provide a small measure of assistance during this difficult time, we are pleased to offer you a FREE UPGRADE to the best version of our Wise Planning System — the “Wise Plan Complete.” This Free Upgrade is a savings of $49.95.

Here’s how to try our Wise Planning System

  • Complete a simple QUICK PLAN, it’s the first step in the Wise Planning System.
  • Review the Estimated Funeral Costs for your plan choices.
  • Optional step: change your plan selections to reduce your estimated costs.
  • Save your Quick Plan!
  • You’ll immediately be upgraded to the “Complete” version, a $49.94 savings.

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