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Get Instant Funeral Cost Estimates | Based On Average Funeral Costs

Funeral cost estimate

What’s the wise way to plan a funeral? Your way!

It starts with planning ahead and we make it easy to get started. Begin with some basic cost estimates based on industry average funeral costs and build your plan from there.

You’re in control every step along the way. By planning ahead you can take your time and plan at your convenience.


Funeral Planning Your Way — the Smart Way to Plan.

Complete the form below to start your Quick Plan and get your funeral cost estimate (based on average funeral costs in the U.S). Then save your plan to get an instant quote for 2 excellent funeral insurance policies.

  • Complete a funeral “Quick Plan” in 4 simple steps.
  • Find out your expected funeral cost instantly.
  • Get an instant quote for funeral insurance.
  • No Obligation — it’s Do-It-Yourself Planning.
  • Just a few minutes is all it takes – Try It Now!



Want to Learn More about Funeral Planning the Funeralwise Way?

Check out our Wise Planning System to find out how we approach funeral planning and managing funeral costs.


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