Funeral Planning Your Way — The Wise Way To Plan

The Wise Planning System

What’s the wise way to plan a funeral? Your way! After all, it’s a celebration of your life shouldn’t it be done the way you want it to be done? Now you can take charge of your funeral plans with our 3-step approach to funeral planning. It’s the wise way to plan because it puts you in control. It’s your plan and you create it on our own terms. To learn more, check out our Funeral Planning Resource page.

Like all of the planning tools at, the Wise Planning System is Confidential, Secure and Free. Give it a try!

Step 1
Quick Plan

Get started with a basic plan. It’s quick and easy.

  • Create a basic plan in minutes, including the most important selections.
  • Get an instant cost estimate for your funeral plan.
  • Get full access to more advanced funeral planning features.
  • Don’t forget to save your Quick Plan!
Step 2
Advanced Plan

Evolve your QuickPlan to the next level at your own convenience.

  • Plan at your convenience, update or modify your plan at any time.
  • Add plans for family members, including your spouse, parents or children.
  • Assign Plan Guardians to carry out your wishes.
  • Share your plan with family members and your legal advisors.
  • Select funeral providers and products.
  • Create your biography and share your legacy.
  • Already have a plan?
Step 3
Financial Plan

Plan for your final expenses and safeguard your family's assets.

  • Manage your funeral costs with our interactive pricing tool.
  • Get advice from experts.
  • Evaluate funeral products and services.
  • Explore funeral payment options such as preneed funeral contracts, funeral trusts, and funeral insurance.

Video: See the Quick Way to Start Your Funeral Planning


How Much Will Your Funeral Cost? Try Our QuickPlan to Find Out.