Third Party Funeral Services (also known as Cash Advances)

Funeral Arrangements Involve Various Providers

Various products and services are typically provided by parties other than your primary funeral service provider. These are known as Cash Advances.
Organist at Funeral
For your convenience, most Funeral Directors will arrange these items for you and include the total cost on their funeral goods and services statement, most often found on the statement in the section labeled “Cash Advances.” This means the funeral home will write the check to the third party (such as the minister) on your behalf.

Examples of third party services and products are:

  • Honorariums/fees for the services of clergy.
  • Honorariums/fees to religous organizations for use of their sanctuaries for funeral services.
  • Fees for the services of musicians and vocalists.
  • Floral arrangements. For more, see Etiquette — Flowers
  • Cemetery charges to open and close the grave.
  • Food and beverages for luncheons and other receptions.
  • Newspaper obituaries. See Writing Obituaries
  • Internet memorials.
  • Certified copies of death certificates. For information on obtaining copies, see Death Certificates.

It is important to note that funeral homes do not increase the price on anything that is a cash advance, above what the third party requires for payment. They simply include the actual cost of the third party service on the funeral goods and services statement so you do not have to worry about writing multiple checks.

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