Green Funerals & Burials – Green Memorial Favors

Memorial Favors for Green Funerals

From abstaining from embalming to picking 100% biodegradable caskets, there are a growing number of options for planning natural, green burials today. In addition to the basics, you can take your green funeral plans a step further by using green memorial favors. The following list of available memorial favors will help you get started:

Plantable Seed Cards

These items are made from completely biodegradable natural fibers which have seeds embedded within them. Optional seed choices include forget-me-not flowers and pine trees. Plantable seed cards are a memorable way to say goodbye to a loved one while helping to keep the precious memories you have of them alive. You might want to consider holding a special planting ceremony for family members and close friends. No matter where you might be located, the ceremony will be an act that you can share together. Many seed cards can be personalized, and they come with planting instructions.

Pocket Charms

Pocket charms are tiny memorials that can be carried with you anywhere. They are small enough to fit in your pocket, but they can help you remember your loved ones. These small tokens of remembrance are increasing in popularity to be handed out as memorial favors to loved ones and funeral guests of the deceased.

Memory Cards

Memory cards are memorial favors that offer grieving families a way to mourn and remember. They are usually handed out to funeral guests as they enter the visitation or service. Attendees can write their loving memories of the deceased on the card to be shared for future generations. Not only are they a helpful, consoling act during the funeral, but they also serve as a way to preserve family history and fond memories. To go green, look for memorial cards printed with eco-friendly inks on recycled paper.

Other Assorted products

In addition to seedlings, charms, and remembrance other memorial favors that are suitable for helping family and friends remember a loved one who has passed include cards, candles, vases, and mini photo albums and frames. Whether you choose pottery from a local artisan or handmade soy candles from a local merchant, you have many additional options for sharing memorial favors without creating a negative environmental impact.

Because the goal of planning a natural, green burial is to lessen the negative environmental impact of the entire service, keep your eye out for other eco-friendly funeral practices. From holding visitation during daylight hours to skipping the processional of vehicles, funeral practices are getting greener every day.

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