A Guide To Buying Funeral Products

How to Shop Wisely and Find the Right Memorial Item

Guide to buying Funeral ProductsFuneral-related products and memorials fulfill practical and symbolic roles. For example, the practical role of the casket and cremation urn is to provide a container for human remains — which means consumers are often concerned about quality of manufacturing and durability. The same goes for grave markers which are intended to last for decades.

The value of these items goes beyond their functional purposes. Symbolically, the style and beauty of a funeral-related product may represent the family’s feelings for the deceased. Therefore, the aesthetic qualities of these items (i.e., their visual appeal) are important considerations. Caskets, urns and grave markers may be personalized to reflect the individuality of the deceased. Keepsakes enable the sharing of ashes and personal items among family members.

There is much emotion associated with these purchases and thousands of products to choose from, making it a daunting task to purchase the right items to memorialize your loved one. Here you’ll find in-depth information on qualities, features and costs to help you make wise decisions when buying funeral-related products and memorial items:

Cremation Urns

Elegance Cherry UrnFind out what to look for when buying a cremation urn. Learn your options for a cremation urn, key considerations, and how to determine the size (i.e., capacity) you’ll need.

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Bronze CasketFind out what to look for when buying a casket. Learn where to buy a casket, what features to look for and your rights as a consumer under the FTC Funeral Rule.

Burial Vaults

Venetian Cross Burial VaultFind out what to look for when buying a burial vault. Learn why a burial vault may be required for cemetery burial and the features you need and those you do not necessarily need.

Grave Memorials and Monuments

Grave MonumentFind out what to look for when buying grave memorials and monuments. Learn where to buy a grave marker, the various options available today and how to comply with cemetery regulations.

Memorial Items

Fuzed Crystal MemorialFind out what to look for when buying memorial items to remember your loved one. Learn how to personalize memorial jewelry, artwork and other memorial items.

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