Casket Features – What to Look For

The primary features of caskets are:

Casket Lids

Maple Casket Half Couch refers to a two-piece lid of equal lengths. Typically only one lid piece is opened for viewings to reveal the deceased from the waist up. Half couch is the most commonly used lid style (see photo).

Full Couch refers to a one-piece lid extending the length of the casket.

Casket Lining Materials

Casket InteriorCasket Interior Fabrics, such as crepe, velour, linen and velvet, are used. Styles, such as ruffled, tufted or tailored interiors can be chosen. You can select from various colors.

Casket LidCasket Lid

Cost will vary according to the material, with crepe being the least expensive.

Special Casket Features

Memory Drawer Memory drawers are a “hidden” compartment in the lid of the casket. It usually looks like a small drawer that can be used to place small personal items to accompany the deceased. Items left in the drawer after funeral services will be buried with your loved one.

Other Casket Options

Casket CornerCasket CornerCaskets are available in a variety of shapes such as square or rounded corners and contoured sides. With certain models, you can choose “casket corners” that attach to the corners of the casket. Casket corners are a thoughtful way reflect the life of the person, whether it is a symbol of a favorite hobby like golfing or fishing, or a symbol of public service such as a firefighter.

Casket Lid with Flag Casket lid inserts or cap panels, are also a way to make the casket unique to the person. Personalized designs, such as Military style, are readily available, and other designs can often be custom ordered and produced within a few days time.

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