A Guide to Funeral Service Providers and What They Do

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Funeral Services — Sources at a Glance

In today’s competitive funeral industry, consumers have many choices — which can lead to confusion. The following table summarizes the choices of funeral service providers you’ll need to know when you need to make funeral service and funeral product decisions.

Who to call …

When you need:Funeral HomeStorefront” Funeral ServiceCremation ServiceMemorial SocietyCemeterySpecialty RetailerMonument CompanySpecialty Internet Service
To transfer the body from place of death
To prepare and present the body
To direct funeral services
Caskets, urns,vaults, etc.
Grave markers
Grave marker installation
Burial or crypt space
Burial services
Cremated remains scattered
Filing of legal documents
Floral arrangementsFlorists
Out-of-town transportation
To publish the obituary

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