Cremation Services: What You Need to Know

For those considering how we would like to have our final remains handled, cremation services have become an increasingly popular option. A recent forecast by the Cremation Association of North America (CANA) anticipates that by 2023 nearly 60% of Americans will choose cremation for their final disposition. A significant factor in the increasing popularity of […]

The Digital Dying Top 10 Most Fascinating Blog Posts

The Digital Dying Top 10 is Now Available as a PDF Get your Free Download here Journalist Justin Nobel writes Digital Dying exclusively for Funeralwise. Packaged in a PDF format for the first time ever, you will find educational, provocative,

A Buddhist View of Death

Buddhism: A Snapshot A philosophy and a way of life Practiced in Eastern civilization for more than 2500 years Fourth-largest religion in the world with almost 400 million adherents Does not promote worship of a deity Promotes enlightenment and moral virtue

Hindu Beliefs on Dying and Death

Balinese Cremation TowerHindu death practices follow a similar overarching pattern with some variation by family tradition, caste, or sect. The family is the most important part of a sacred funeral rite.

Naturally Green Jewish Burial Rituals

For some people the idea of a green burial is still a fairly novel concept. However, many groups around the world have been practicing eco-burial traditions all along.

Deceased Transportation

Inter-city Transportation of Human Remains In many cases a loved one's body is initially transferred from the place of death to a local funeral home (i.e., the "first call" funeral home) and then subsequently transported to another city for funeral ceremonies and/or burial. If this is your situation, you'll need two funeral homes - one locally to handle the first call, and a second one in the final destination city.

An Overview of Modern Day Wakes

The concept of the wake is coming back into practice in certain circles. There are things to be said for wakes, but you must be careful when deciding whether or not to host a wake. Some people grasp the idea wholeheartedly. It becomes a way of paying respects to the deceased without drowning in your sorrow. But others can be put off, or even offended, by the idea.

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