Cremation Caskets

Once you decide on cremation you’ll be asked to choose the type of container you’d like to purchase for the cremation. To make the decision that’s right for you, it helps to know what the function of the cremation casket is and how it may differ from caskets that are used for burial. The primary […]



Funerals in the Time of COVID Part One Since the first case of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) was reported in Washington State in January of 2020, our lives have changed at light speed. As it turns out, so have our deaths.  Funeral services have ground to a halt and the way we honor the lives […]

Heading South For the Winter? Don’t forget your travel protection.

Ah… The sights and sounds of Autumn–football, foliage, and the smell of turkey roasting. Unless you’re a snowbird, that is. If you’re one of the thousands of people who make the annual trek to the Sunbelt to stay ahead of Jack Frost, then your thoughts are more likely on packing up the car or the […]

Travel Protection Plan

As our society has become increasingly mobile, the likelihood that someone will die while away from home has increased. When this happens, it opens up the often difficult world of making transportation arrangements for a dead body. There are many factors to consider when shipping human remains, and it can be costly, especially when death […]

Final Expense Insurance: What You Need To Know

Here, you’ll find the information you’ll need to be a wise shopper for final expense insurance. Whether you are interested in purchasing coverage now or are just doing some research, we can help. Also, if you wish, we can shop the market to find the best policy for your particular situation. It’s always best to […]

Memorializing Your Pet

It has been said that the worst thing about having pets is that they don’t live long enough. If you have lost a pet, then you will certainly agree. Unfortunately, the chances are pretty good that if you have pets, you will have to say goodbye to that trusted friend at some point. Memorializing your […]

Donation to Science

For some, donating their body to science is a way to help society. The hope is that by contributing to science, they may, in some small way, help to find a cure for deadly diseases like cancer. For others, the driving force behind donation is reducing cost since donating your body to science means that […]

6 Tips for Buying a Grave Marker Online

A common misconception is that you must buy your grave marker through your funeral home or cemetery. While these are very good options, many people find that shopping online is a great alternative. You can shop at your leisure and find excellent variety and a full range of products. In fact, many of the companies […]

7 Tips for Buying a Casket Online

Many people are unaware that they have the option to purchase funeral products such as caskets online. If you are comfortable buying large items over the Internet, then buying a casket online may be a viable option. Many of the big box retailers, such as Walmart, Costco, and Sam’s Club, offer caskets, and there are […]

Caskets: Consumer Protection

Laws and regulations for funeral products can vary state-by-state. There is, however, the federal government has provided for consumer protection for casket buyers under The Funeral Rule. The Funeral Rule is a law that is enforced by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Its purpose is to help consumers purchase only the funeral goods and services they […]

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