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Your Quote is Being Reviewed We look forward to helping you find the best policy for your final expenses. Expect to hear back from one of our advisors by email or phone as you requested. As part or the insurance quote process you have received a Free Account in our Wise Planning System. We hope […]

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Funeralwise.com invites funeral directors, funeral homes, cemeteries and other funeral services take advantage of our business resources.

Why You Should Think About Your Digital Legacy

If I die will my family be able to access my Facebook page and all the photos I have stored online? As we grow more and more dependent on the Internet for communication and storage of our important documents, it is smart to be concerned about what will happen to your electronic resources if you […]

Group Affiliations — Tap into the Potential of Groups

At Funeralwise.com we're developing unique avenues to reach customers. Our services can enhance employee benefit programs, which means you can reach employees in corporations, government offices and other organizations. Through our affiliations with trade unions and associations your message travels to their members as well as members' families.

Laid to Rest on Her Own Acreage

A couple years back I met a group of gentle people at their favorite pub for a funeral arrangement. Wanda’s friends were stumped that I couldn’t list Wanderer as her occupation, and The Earth as the accompanying industry on her death certificate. After all, this is what she was and what she did. Her friends […]

The Minister Didn’t Show So I Did It

Due to a scheduling snafu, the minister didn’t show for my father’s funeral, which was last month. I’d already planned to eulogize him. Fortunately, I had prepared additional “optional” information to use, depending on what the minister would say. I ended up using all of it. While everyone was seated in the funeral home chapel, […]

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Affordable Financial Protection for Your Family If you are looking for a sensible way to pay for your funeral expenses, our burial insurance policy is for you. "Final expenses" are inevitable and our policy is designed for anyone seeking a secure, flexible and affordable means of covering them.

TV Body Count Study – Fall 2012

TV to Die For, Part 2: A Ranking of TV Shows by Dead Bodies September, 2012 The new Fall TV season is starting up and Funeralwise once again asks: Is death entertaining? Is our popular culture obsessed with death? How do portrayals of death affect the popularity of entertainment programs? Who is most likely to be drawn to death-oriented programs?

Top 7 Tips for Managing Thank You Notes

Writing thank you notes when you are grieving can seem like an overwhelming challenge. While it can be time-consuming and somewhat difficult, it doesn’t have to be an impossible chore. If tackling the job is something that you just can’t handle on your own, it is perfectly acceptable to enlist the help of a friend […]

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