Preneed Funeral Contracts - What you need to know

Preneed Funeral & Burial Contracts – What You Need to Know

To obtain a price guarantee, you can enter into a "pre-need contract" with a funeral service provider and/or cemetery. Your funeral plan will be the basis for the pre-need contract which will specify the services and merchandise being purchased. You can contract in advance for some or all of your funeral goods and services. Many people choose to pre-arrange only their cemetery property — a plot or crypt. Others contract in advance for funeral services, burial services and merchandise (e.g., casket, burial vault, or monument).

Wise Planning Workshop

Register for our Wise Planning Workshop! This 30-minute workshop has been pre-recorded for your viewing convenience. Our topic is funeral preplanning. What You Will Learn In this fast-paced workshop you will learn: Why funeral preplanning is beneficial for your family, your loved ones, those you will someday leave behind. The facts about funerals and funeral […]

Funeral Etiquette

Funerals can be socially and emotionally hard to handle whether you are planning the service for your own loved one or paying respects for a friend or co-worker. We have lots of tips and advice to help you navigate the difficult days of mourning.

Funeral Products

Whether you are planning in advance or a death has happened or is imminent, buying funeral products can be difficult. Not only do you need to decide what products you need, but you have to determine the best way to buy them. Your best strategy is to arm yourself with as much information as you can. From caskets to urns to memorial items, our information can help you shop wisely.

Funeral Arrangements

Our how-to guide to making funeral arrangements will lead you through the process step-by-step… from the first call to arranging for the funeral services to purchasing funeral products. We also provide guidance on post-funeral matters such as filing death benefit claims and wrapping up the affairs of the deceased.

Funeral Cost

Learn the average funeral costs in the United States. Use our calculator to estimate your funeral cost and get tips on how to save money.

Four Funerals And No Wedding

By Guest Contributor Barry Slocombe The life of a funeral celebrant is rewarding. It can also be highly challenging. Earlier this year, Celebrant Barry Slocombe found out just how challenging. He decided to share his experience with us so that we could get a peek behind the curtain and see just what life is like […]

How to Beat the High Cost of a Funeral

Funerals are expensive! But just how much does a funeral cost? Even a basic funeral can cost thousands of dollars. What’s the secret to beating the high cost of a funeral? Without a doubt, planning ahead is the best way to manage how much you spend on your funeral. Waiting until the time of the […]

Focus on Funeral Insurance

May 2021 FUNERAL INSURANCE: PRENEED OR FINAL EXPENSE? What’s right for you? At Funeralwise, we’re all about planning. As we always say, the best time to plan a funeral is BEFORE you need it. Preplanning your funeral doesn’t have to cost you anything (see our Wise Planning System). Still, eventually, you’ll have to think about […]

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