Pet Loss — Coping With the Death of a Pet

Pet loss

Death of a Pet — Like Losing a Family Member

Often, the death of a pet can be as upsetting as losing a family member. For many, a pet is a family member. In addition, pet owners are often forced to decide if their pet’s deteriorating condition calls for euthanizing their animal, which adds a layer of confusion to the tragedy. Just as one would celebrate a loved one’s life, pet owners want to commemorate and remember their cherished pet — whether a dog, cat, bird or goldfish — with a meaningful ritual. While some may regard a pet funeral or burial as a frivolous gesture, taking time to celebrate a pet’s life can be a comforting and healing experience.

Coping With the Loss of Your Pet

Learning more about options concerning your pet’s death — and what to expect when you lose a pet — can help you and your family cope with this difficult loss. In addition, making funeral plans before you need them avoids many difficulties—just as we do for ourselves or loved ones. Planning ahead for our pets has many benefits and it’s easier to do when you’re not feeling the grief of your loss.

This section has valuable information that can help you cope and make important decisions regarding your pet’s passing.

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