Memorial Displays & Presentations to Personalize a Funeral

Memorial presentation display Personalization of funeral ceremonies is an excellent way to create a more meaningful experience. Every person has a unique life and a unique story and should be represented as such during their funeral services.

In the last decade especially, personalization has become more and more prevalent. In years past, traditional funeral services were virtually identical from one person to another. Now there are so many options to build a service that speaks to who that person was and create a true celebration of their life.

For example, memory tables are used to display items that are unique to the individual and important life events. The table may hold photos, trophies, musical instruments, hobby items, or any mementos that were of importance to the deceased.

Another way to personalize includes memorial video. Memorial videos are slideshows of photos, newspaper articles, and even clips from home movies. This creates a wonderful ambiance during visitations or ceremonies that give family and friends the time to reflect on their loved ones life.

You may also personalize the casket or urn table with decorations or mementos that reflect the individual’s lifestyle and hobbies. Selections can be favorites of the deceased or be chosen because they evoke certain memories, ideals, or feelings.

Personalizing a funeral has many advantages. The items you select to display create wonderful points of discussion for family and friends who attend services. Stories are easily shared among guests and memories surface as people view photos and mementos and the family is comforted by the warm and happy reminders of the person’s life.

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