Scattering Ashes

A Resting Place In Air, On Land, or At Sea

Scattering AshesCreating your own special ceremony for scattering ashes of a loved one can be a remarkably peaceful and moving experience for everyone involved. Best of all, you can determine exactly how you would like the memorial to take place. It may be as simple as casting the ashes to the wind in a familiar and close by location or traveling to a far off location to distribute the remains by boat or air plane.

Casting ashes to the wind either over land or water is how most of us think of scattering. Indeed, this is probably still the most popular method. Other common methods are trenching and raking. Trenching involves placing the ashes, either loose or in a biodegradable urn, in a shallow trench. Raking involves scattering the ashes over soil and then raking the remains into the soil. With all three methods you can have one person take care of the remains or you can share the task between members of a group.

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Check Federal, State and Local Laws on Scattering Ashes

Whether you are scattering ashes to the water or on land, you need to check the applicable laws and obtain the necessary permission. Also, you might check to see if it is possible to make arrangements for a permanent memorial at the location. Some public parks permit memorials even though they do not necessarily allow scattering.

Scattering Gardens

Many cemeteries have areas designated for scattering cremated remains. Typically, these scattering gardens offer memorial options such as plaques, inscriptions or benches.

Think Before You Scatter

Be sure to consider the wind factor when you are scattering ashes. You and the others participating in your ceremony will want to stand downwind. The wind can be a particular factor when you are scattering ashes by boat over the water. There are special urns called scattering urns that are designed for this purpose. These urns can be cast into the water as well and will dissolve leaving any remaining ashes in the water. Scattering by air plan is normally handled my companies that specialize in this particular service. If your ceremony will be at a beach you not only want to check into local regulations regarding disposition of ashes, but take the tides into consideration. If, for example, you want to trench and the tide is going out, the water may not rise far enough to reach the ashes. Something to keep in mind regardless of what method you choose is that ashes can be surprisingly heavy.

Unique Ways to Use Ashes

There are many other ways to use ashes to commemorate your loved one and new options are popping up every day. Here is a listing of some of the more unique ways you can memorialize your loved one.

  • Have the ashes launched into space
  • Have a piece of art created using the ashes
  • Have a diamond made from the ashes
  • Have the ashes incorporated into a piece of jewelry
  • Have the ashes turned into fireworks
  • Have the ashes put into tattoo ink
  • Have the ashes put into stained glass

The above are only a sample of the many options available to you. In reality, the only limitation to how you handle your loved one’s ashes is your imagination.


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