The Smart Way to Shop for Funeral Products and Services

woman-and-child_000013976786XSmallDo You Shop For Funerals? You may not think of funerals as involving shopping but that’s what you doing if you are looking for a funeral home, cemetery or other funeral service provider to make arrangements for a funeral now or in the future. Just like anything else you buy, you want to get the best quality and service for your money. And considering that a traditional funeral can easily cost in excess of $10,000, you want to give careful consideration to the goods and services that you purchase.


Create Your Funeral Plan Before You Shop

The key to smart shopping for funeral goods and services is to have a plan. After all, whether you are shopping for a car, a mobile phone, or even a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner you need to know what you want in terms of size, features, etc. That’s what your funeral plan does — it establishes your requirements and enables you to focus your shopping on the goods and services that meet your needs.

Our do-it-yourself funeral planning tools make it easy to create your funeral plan. Get started with a Funeral Quick Plan. It’s a basic funeral plan and you’ll see your estimated funeral costs. After saving your plan you can log in to the full-featured Advanced Plan to search for funeral homes, cemeteries and other funeral providers for your plan. The Advanced Plan enables you to plan every detail of a funeral if you so choose. Check it out. There’s no charge and no obligation.

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