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Death by Extreme Heat is a 21st Century Death

Few parts of the country have been spared from July's soaring temperatures. In fact, July was the hottest month in recorded history. Read Justin Nobel's latest article for Digital Dying as he explores the suffering caused by the extreme heat.

Welcome to A Pacific Island Nation with 125 million people—and almost no gun deaths

Last week, in Nakano City, Japan, an evacuation center was opened in the gymnasium of a middle school, and local officials provided shelter, blankets, food, and drinks to around 60 people. This was in reaction to a horrible event, a man fatally stabbed a woman and then opened fire on several others ...

Where in the Wide World of Death Wear Do Memorial Hoodies Fit In?

We each have our own unique way of managing our grief. For some, donning a the memorial T-shirt, known as the Rest in Piece shirt, or R.I.P. shirt brings comfort. Justin Nobel takes a fascinating look at this new trend in memorial fashion.

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