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What is dead, and when do we really die?

Last month, researchers at Yale University published the astounding results that organs from a pig they had killed by inducing cardiac arrest were still showing signs of life, even hours after the animal’s supposed death. What? The pig was dead but it wasn't dead? Our Justin Nobel digs deeper.

Where Do Tombstones Come From, and What Makes a Good One?

Have you ever wondered where tombstones come from? Justin Nobel has the answer. Read along as he explores this topic in his fascinating article about monuments and the stone they're made from.

The Rise of the Pet Death Psychics, And a New Brand of Death Care

Laura Stinchfield is a new kind of death care worker, one who helps people connect with the dead as well as the living. Justin Nobel visits with Laura and gives us a glimpse into one of her most fascinating services--communicating with dead pets.

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