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Welcome Spring! Now Here Are Three Ways to Compost—Your Human Body..

With the beginning of Spring, the time of yard chores has begun. Planting flowers, putting out the lawn furniture, and getting that compost pile going. Although, this year brings a new type of composting into the mix, as the world has taken one step further along the path of composting human bodies. ...

Still Fantasizing About Fantasy Coffins

Justin Nobel returns to a topic we at Digital Dying have explored in the past, fantasy coffins. These are coffins crafted by expert woodworkers in the west African country of Ghana and designed to resemble an object or item from a person’s life or one they have longed after but never been ...

Dead Alone In A Hotel Room In A Lonely Era

It's a familiar and always sad story--dying alone in a hotel room. Our Justin Nobel explores how this type of death may be as much a symbol of the times as anything.

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