A Funeralwise Blog for the Digital Age

We live our lives online. Baby photos are uploaded, homework is emailed in, long lost friends are found via social media and we meet our future mates through online services. In nearly every field the web has revolutionized how work is done. We are memorialized online too; obituaries are posted and even funeral services can now be streamed. And we leave behind a digital legacy of all the online accounts we maintained in our lifetimes. We are now in the age of Digital Dying.

This unique blog explores how we celebrate, remember and are inspired by lives that have passed. Digital Dying contains entertaining feature articles and regular columns that present poignant, and sometimes humorous, looks at life and death. We encourage our readers to share their insights and opinions on how we can improve.

Digital Dying is produced by a team of writers who provide a variety of voices and perspectives on the issues that are important to our readers. Included in the team is Justin Nobel who has been writing for the blog for over 5 years. Justin also writes about science and culture for various magazines. A story of his entitled the “Last Inuit of Quebec” was published in Best American Travel Writing 2011 and his article about fire ants invading the American South was published in Best American Science and Nature Writing 2014.  His work has also been published in the Chicago Tribune, Audubon, and Gourmet.com. For updates follow Justin on Twitter @JustinNobel, his Facebook page or his website at www.justinnobel.com.