Caitlin Doughty book signing

The funeral industry has a true celebrity, Caitlin Doughty. She is a mortician, a New York Times bestselling author, and a leader in the budding “death positive” movement. Just google her and you’ll see that she is getting lots of attention. I’ve been familiar with Caitlin for a few years since our Justin Nobel first interviewed her for Digital Dying. She is not your father’s mortician. Read Full Article

Several years ago, our Justin Nobel discussed the the way some Middle Eastern cultures hire women to weep and wail at funerals. At the time, many many Westerners were surprised by the practice which actually has a very long history. Read Full Article

At the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio last year, Texas Senator Ted Cruz made a powerful and inflammatory statement. Read Full Article

John DeSantis is the type of old-school, wild-haired, chain-smoking keeps-a-police-scanner-in-his-car-which-also-serves-as-an-office journalist that Hollywood directors used to make movies about. Read Full Article

On January, 29, 1985, 32-year-old Fumiko Kimura waded out into the cold waves off Santa Monica Beach on a deadly mission. Read Full Article
Snow Monkeys

A few weeks ago news broke that Takagoyama Nature Zoo, located not far from Tokyo on Japan’s main island of Honshu had put to death 57 snow monkeys. They were killed by lethal injection. The reason for the grand assault on these Japanese macaques, and our distant cousins: Having sex. Read Full Article

In the thick woods not far from Louisiana’s capitol city of Baton Rouge is a crumbling graveyard containing the bodies of individuals who were once enslaved. In fact, they tilled the very cane fields that their bones are now resting beside. Read Full Article

Sonny Ledford is sharpening his battle axes. “I will tell you a story,” he says. Read Full Article
National Geographic Death Rituals

A woman pulls back a golden curtain and slips inside a room to speak to her husband, “Papa, Papa.” Read Full Article

Imagine a world where your decomposing body produces electricity, in a cemetery. Read Full Article

She first ran away at age five, she wrote an anarchist treatise that was translated into five languages, she has slept on a bed of nails, she has lived in caves. Read Full Article
Justin Nobel

Digital Dying writer Justin Nobel is normally reporting on the news, not the subject of it. Recently, however, Justin had the tables turned on him when he was interviewed for Death–the Podcast. Read Full Article
The drowning of Marzanna

Her name alone means death, and every year, as winter winds down and springs looms on the horizon, in certain parts of the Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, and Slovakia, she is burnt or drown in effigy. Read Full Article
David Bowie

Weekly news roundup: Saying goodbye to David Bowie On Monday, January 10th we said goodbye to music icon David Bowie. His death meant differing things to those familiar with his artistry, but for all of us it marked the end of an era. As word of his death spread, many of us took a moment to revisit his music and learn more about his life. Read Full Article
Extraordinary Funeral Traditions

From fake funerals to tests that tell you when you’ll die, this week’s news had it all. We also saw the touching story of a young boy who was given police honors and got a look at San Quentin’s death row. (Jump to news.) Read Full Article
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