Funeral customs offer a powerful way to express grief, respect the deceased, and find comfort in tradition. We have provided an overview of many groups’ beliefs concerning death and the afterlife. We also discuss how they regard grief and the unique aspects of their funeral ceremonies and customs.

We’ll help you explore how different cultures approach death and explore the rituals, symbols, and ceremonies that mark this significant life passage. Gain insight into the beliefs that underpin these traditions and learn how families honor their loved ones in unique and meaningful ways.

Whether you’re seeking to understand a specific culture’s practices or broadening your perspective on death rituals, we can help guide you on this cultural exploration.

Funeral Customs by Religion, Ethnicity and Culture

Cross-Cultural Funeral Customs

Funerals may not adhere to the practices of a single religion or culture.

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New Orleans Jazz Funerals

A unique entertaining way to celebrate a life well lived.

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Home Funerals & Burials

It's much more common today than it has been in the recent past.

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The proper respect for our local heroes.

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Law Enforcement

A funeral reflecting honor for service and dedication.

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Utmost care for a person whose life was given for our freedom.

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Attending a Funeral?

10 Things Not to Do At a Funeral

Trust us when we tell you that funeral directors can teach you a thing or two about etiquette.

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Top 8 Things Never Say to the Bereaved

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A Guide to Sending Funeral Flowers

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