As average funeral costs continue rising, it’s important to understand the elements contributing to the overall price. Our cost calculator will help you estimate your funeral cost and the tips in this section can help you save money.

We’ll help you understand what a typical funeral or cremation might cost and explore ways to have a meaningful service while staying within budget.

Managing Funeral Costs


Learn about funeral prices and the major cost components of a funeral.

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Learn your options for prepaying with insurance.

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Funeral Trusts and Payable On Death Accounts

Learn about ways you can set aside funeral funds in advance.

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Funeral Loans

Learn your options for borrowing money to pay for a funeral.

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Find out how crowdfunding works

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Planning Ahead
but don't know
where to begin?

Planning a funeral in advance can bring peace of mind to your loved ones. By considering a prepaid funeral plan, you can alleviate the financial burden on your family during a difficult time.

Making these arrangements ahead can help ensure your final wishes are carried out smoothly. With a prepaid funeral plan, you can personalize your service and make decisions that reflect your unique preferences. This thoughtful gesture can provide comfort to those you care about most.

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Preneed Funeral Contracts

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At Need Funeral Contracts

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