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Funeral Trends Ticker Funerals Plans Created on 55,972

Interment Choices: Burial/Entombment - 34,055 • 61% Cremation - 19,196 • 34% Body Donation - 1,802 • 3% Other - 915 • 2% Service Choices: Traditional - 27,219 • 49% Memorial - 15,141 • 27% Graveside - 6,618 • 12% None - 6,994 • 12%

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Goodbye for Now -- We Will Celebrate Later.

For now, when a loved one dies, we are faced with limited choices for how we hold the funeral. The good news is, we have lots of options for how we can celebrate a life well lived once social distancing regulations are lifted.
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Featured Articles

Planning Your Funeral - No Money Needed

Did you know that you can prepare a comprehensive funeral plan without spending any money? Sure, having money set aside is smart, but you can still let your loved ones know what you want without prepaying.
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