Wise Cremation Plan

Why Choose Cremation? The decision to choose cremation as a means of disposition after death is a personal one that can be influenced by a variety of factors, including cultural or religious beliefs, environmental considerations, financial considerations, and personal preferences. Here are a few reasons why some people choose to be cremated: A Cremation Prepayment […]

Prepaid Cremation Cost and Payment Plans

Prepaid cremation plans allow you to pay for cremation before you need it. In addition to the actual cremation, you can pay in advance for other elements, such as a memorial service or celebration of life. Prepaid plans are available for the full range of cremation services. Plans range from simple direct cremation (no service, […]

Prepaid Cremation Plan

Get a Free Quote for a Wise Cremation Plan If you need help with funeral planning you’ve come to the right place. We are your complete resource with how-to information, planning forms, valuable guides, and planning tools. Our Wise Cremation Plan protects your loved ones and covers your funeral costs when you are choosing cremation. […]


Here you’ll find all the information you need to decide if cremation is the right choice for you. Our resources can help guide you when it comes to having a ceremony before or after cremation and what your options are for caring for remains.

What Should You Do With Cremation Ashes?

According to the Cremation Association of North America, more than 56% of people chose cremation in 2020. The number has been trending up for some time and will likely continue to rise. No doubt, COVID has accelerated that growth, but many factors such as cost and the mobility of today’s society have been driving the […]

Sealing Cremation Urns — Creating a Permanent Closure

Whether or not to seal a cremation urn is a personal decision that depends on the type of urn, if it will be displayed or buried, and your unique circumstances. The sealing process is not difficult, but it can be surprisingly emotional. For many people, sealing the urn represents a final step in their loved […]

Cremation Caskets

Once you decide on cremation you’ll be asked to choose the type of container you’d like to purchase for the cremation. To make the decision that’s right for you, it helps to know what the function of the cremation casket is and how it may differ from caskets that are used for burial. The primary […]

10 Things to Know About Cremation

Even though cremation is growing in popularity, there are still a lot of misconceptions surrounding the practice. If you are trying to decide between burial and cremation, it can help to learn as much as you can. There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to cremation versus burial. The right choice is […]

Green Cremation

For most of us, options for true green cremation are still relatively limited. Never the less, we typically think of as less damaging to the environment than a traditional in-ground burial. Cremation doesn’t require the vast acreage of land needed for cemeteries and doesn’t leave behind some 800,000 gallons of formaldehyde each year. With in-ground […]

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