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Digital Dying Blog

We live our lives online. Baby photos are uploaded, homework is emailed in, mates are encountered via Facebook and in nearly every field the web has revolutionized how work is done. And we die online too; obituaries and even funeral services are now downloadable. We have entered the age of Digital Dying.

Digital Dying

This blog explores trends in death and the industries it touches, examines perceptions and practices regarding dying, both past and present and also looks at the living, and how we anticipate, recover from and are even inspired by death.

Digital Dying is written by Justin Nobel, whose stories about science, culture and travel have appeared in publications such as the Chicago Tribune, Audubon, Gourmet.com, Nunatsiaq News, Point Reyes Light and The Smart Set www.justinnobel.com. Comments and ideas can be sent to [email protected]

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