Making funeral arrangements can be overwhelming, especially during a difficult time. We’re here to help you navigate the process with compassion and care.

Here you’ll find helpful information on everything from making the first call to arranging funeral services to purchasing funeral products. We also provide guidance on post-funeral matters, such as filing death benefit claims and wrapping up the deceased’s affairs.

Use this how-to guide to take it one step at a time. Our easy-to-use tools and resources can help you manage the many details involved and plan a meaningful tribute for your loved one.

Making Funeral Arrangements

How To Make Funeral Arrangements

Learn what to do when someone dies, step-by-step

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Making The First Call

Find out who to call when a death has occurred.

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The Funeral Arrangement Conference

Learn what to expect when meeting with a funeral director.

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Paying For A Funeral

Get answers to frequently asked questions

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Deceased Transportation

Learn what you need to know about transporting a body.

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Funeral Contracts

Learn about funeral goods and services contracts.

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Planning Ahead
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where to begin?

Planning a funeral in advance can bring peace of mind to your loved ones. By considering a prepaid funeral plan, you can alleviate the financial burden on your family during a difficult time.

Making these arrangements ahead can help ensure your final wishes are carried out smoothly. With a prepaid funeral plan, you can personalize your service and make decisions that reflect your unique preferences. This thoughtful gesture can provide comfort to those you care about most.

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Guide to Funeral Arrangements

Download our guide to making funeral arrangements.

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Learn Your Burial Options

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What To Do After The Funeral

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How Much Will Your Funeral Cost? Try Our QuickPlan to Find Out.