Prepaid Cremation Plans

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September 2022

Prepaid cremation plans allow you to pay for cremation before you need it. In addition to the actual cremation, you can pay in advance for other elements, such as a memorial service or celebration of life. Prepaid plans are available for the full range of cremation services–from simple direct cremation (no service, remains returned to family) to a full traditional funeral with visitation before cremation.
In most cases, you will contract directly with a funeral home or cremation provider for your desired services. Depending on your chosen service provider, you can arrange to pay for services in one lump sum or a series of installments. One of the most popular methods for paying for a cremation in advance is to take out an insurance policy that will be used at your death to cover the costs of the services you purchase.

More about Prepaid Cremation Plans

If you think a prepaid cremation plan might be right, our Preplanning Specialists can help you decide. They can also help you find the right financial tool to fund your plan. To start, click the button below and complete the brief information request. A Specialist will get back to you with more info. Email us at if you already have a plan with us and want to learn more.


We get a wide variety of questions in the Forums section of our website. We’ve been getting a lot of questions recently: “Why does the cemetery want to charge me for burying two urns in the same space?”
The fact is, when you buy a burial space, you don’t purchase the land. What you buy is the right to bury the remains of one body in the space. That is called a “Right of Interment.” So when you want to bury two sets of remains, whether two urns or an urn and a casket, you must pay for the Second Right of Interment to cover the additional remains.

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Our last issue highlighted the importance of discussing your funeral plans with your loved ones. It’s an important issue, so we want to ensure you didn’t miss our article. After all, your plan doesn’t do much good if no one knows about it.
Talking is not always easy, though. Our article features helpful tips on how to get started and things to consider.

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People are often surprised to hear there’s more to scattering ashes than tossing them to the wind.

Once you decide where to scatter, you should ensure it’s legal to scatter in your chosen spot. Choose an appropriate container. Consider wind conditions–everyone stand upwind!

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While many people know us for our planning expertise, Funeralwise specializes in funeral, burial, and cremation insurance.

Whether you are looking for basic information or are ready to buy, we can help you make the right decision for you and your family.

Our insurance pages are rich with information to help answer your questions and sort through your choices.

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Sending a gift basket to express your sympathy is a thoughtful and practical way to let grieving people know you are thinking about them. In some cultures, giving food items is preferred over flowers and other gifts.
You can purchase a gift basket directly through our store by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page. The link takes you to Design It Yourself Gift Baskets, for which we are an affiliate.

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