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10 Reasons NOT to Plan Your Funeral

Is that headline wrong? No, many people do not realize the value in preplanning, so instead of telling you why you should preplan, this list tells you why you shouldn't (hint: you really should.)

Top 8 Things Never to Say to the Bereaved

We know, it's tough to know what to say when someone dies. To help you navigate this, we offer some tips on things to avoid saying.

10 Things NOT to Do at a Funeral

Yes, we live in a culture where rules for what not to do are necessary. We did try to make it interesting though.

Death on the Campaign Trail

Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton. It is difficult to remember a presidential battle between candidates who are more disliked than the present two major party nominees. Numerous citizens have no doubt privately wished the worst on both candidates. But what were to happen if the unthinkable happened?


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