10 Natural Ways to Die in Yellowstone

For more details on deaths in America’s oldest national park, we recommend the fascinating book Death in Yellowstone, by Lee Whittlesey, subtitled “Accidents and Foolhardiness in the First National Park.” As Whittlesey wisely states in his introduction, “Play safely, and think before you act.”

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What do you say to a friend whose spouse has passed?

What do you say to a friend whose spouse has passed? What words of sympathy can you offer? Maybe you’ve been through a similar loss yourself, so “I know how you’re feeling” are the words that come to mind. Beware—those are the very words that might be the least helpful or comforting. Here’s the gist of a letter I recently sent to a friend, barely 50 years old, whose beloved husband died very suddenly.

Using Crowdfunding for Funerals and Memorials

Until you experience the death of someone close to you, it’s hard to understand just how expensive dying can be. According to most estimates, the average cost of a funeral today is somewhere between $7,000 and $10,000. That’s average cost. Depending on the burial options you choose, you may end up spending less, or much more.

Why You Should Think About Your Digital Legacy

Oddly enough, you really don’t own your information once you sign up for Facebook, Google, Twitter and similar sites. That means whatever you have online does not pass to your estate. This seems to be changing as people are becoming more aware of the problems that can come up when they can’t get access to a loved one’s “Digital Estate.”

The self-penned obituary: Is this labor of love a trend or a movement?

In reality, the self-written obituary is not really all that new. It’s just getting a lot of attention. The trend has been in the media for at least the last ten years. What is new is how quickly some of the more notable stories are going viral.

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