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How to Buy an Urn

If you have just started your search for a cremation urn then you may be surprised by the wide variety of options available. From simple wooden boxes to hand-polished marble, there are truly urns for every taste and price range. The wide variety of selections can be a bit overwhelming, especially if you are making […]

Preferred Provider Information

Funeralwise.com invites funeral directors, funeral homes, cemeteries and other funeral services take advantage of our business resources.

Planning a Funeral Ahead of Time and Prepaying

Why should I plan my funeral ahead of time? Funeral arrangements will be a consideration for us all at some point in time and there are advantages to making them in advance. Funeral planning in advance: Puts you in control of your arrangements and ensures your wishes will be known. Provides social, psychological and emotional […]

Working with a Funeral Director: Arrangement Conferences

After a death has occurred there are many decisions to be made and details to be organized. The time set aside to accomplish these things is called the arrangement conference. Depending on the complexity or amount of details needed, this could take anywhere from 30 minutes to several hours. Being prepared and knowing what to expect can greatly reduce confusion and stress during this time.

Guide to Buying Memorial Products

The Ideal Memorial Item Holds a Special Meaning For You In more recent years, there has been an explosion of memorial products designed for the home, your garden, your jewelry box, and everything in between. Memorial items are no longer just monuments and markers that reside in cemeteries. The trend has been to personalize the memory of a loved one and create products that are going to serve as meaningful reminders of the people or pets you have loved and lost.

Types of Law Enforcement Funerals

Most departments would categorize decedents into one of five general categories: Sworn Civilian Retired Separated Immediate family member The type of funeral and level of honors accorded these decedents depends on both their category and the circumstances of death.

Types of Firefighter Funerals

Generally there are three types or levels of firefighter deaths resulting in a department funeral: Line of duty death (LODD): the firefighter died while on duty or died after an incident that was the direct cause of the later death. Full military-style honors. Non-LODD for an active or uniformed firefighter. Department funeral with some military-style honors.

Good Etiquette Guide for the Surviving Family – After the Funeral is Over

What to Do After the Funeral Service Acknowledgements (Thank You Notes) See Sending Thank You Notes Ashes (cremains, or cremated remains) Etiquette demands the utmost respect for human remains. We also feel an obligation to respect the final wishes of our loved ones. That does not, however, mean it’s acceptable to break the law, and laws are quite strict regarding the disposal or scattering of human remains, including ashes.

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