Types of Firefighter Funerals

Types of Firefighter Funerals

Generally there are three types or levels of firefighter deaths resulting in a department funeral: Line of duty death (LODD): the firefighter died while on duty or died after an incident that was the direct cause of the later death. Full military-style honors. Non-LODD for an active or uniformed firefighter. Department funeral with some military-style honors.

Good Etiquette Guide for the Surviving Family – After the Funeral is Over

What to Do After the Funeral Service Acknowledgements (Thank You Notes) See Sending Thank You Notes Ashes (cremains, or cremated remains) Etiquette demands the utmost respect for human remains. We also feel an obligation to respect the final wishes of our loved ones. That does not, however, mean it’s acceptable to break the law, and laws are quite strict regarding the disposal or scattering of human remains, including ashes.

Good Etiquette Guide for the Surviving Family – Day of Visitation or Funeral

The following etiquette guide for the bereaved on the days of the visitation and service are listed in alphabetical order: Clothing/Dress You are not required to wear black to the funeral; however, showing respect and honor for your loved one’s memory does require wearing conservative clothing that reflects this sense of dignity and decorum. Bright colors and loud patterns may send the wrong message to your visitors and other mourners and family members.

Etiquette for the Surviving Family: Planning the Funeral

Arranging the Funeral Now that Your Loved One Has Died A funeral is a formal service of remembrance with the body present, in either a closed or open casket. Your funeral director or clergy can advise you on many aspects of etiquette relating to the actual funeral service. If your loved one hasn’t preplanned, you will need to make a number of decisions:

Chinese Funeral Service Rituals

In the Chinese culture, cremation is uncommon. As a result of this, burial of the dead is of utmost importance to the Chinese people. If the burial is carried out incorrectly, it is believed that disaster and bad luck will plague the family of the deceased.

Atheist Funeral Service Rituals

Atheist funerals — usually quite similar to humanist funerals — are becoming more and more common. They are appropriate memorials to those who lived their lives without religious affiliation and reject the typically religious views associated with life and death.

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