Guide to Buying Memorial Products

The Ideal Memorial Item Holds a Special Meaning For You

In more recent years, there has been an explosion of memorial products designed for the home, your garden, your jewelry box, and everything in between. Memorial items are no longer just monuments and markers that reside in cemeteries. The trend has been to personalize the memory of a loved one and create products that will serve as meaningful reminders of the people or pets you have loved and lost.

Memorial Jewelry

Cremation BraceletJewelry is a popular choice for memorial keepsakes. The variety of cremation pendants and bracelets is a perfect way to keep your loved one close to you. Also, pendants made of glass infused with a portion of cremation ashes are distinctive and very personal jewelry keepsakes.



Memorial Prints & Artwork

A favorite poem or a favorite verse that was meaningful to your loved one makes for a special print or artwork to frame and hang on your wall. You can take a photo and make it into a photo canvas or quilt suitable for framing and hanging. Shadow boxes are another way of preserving and displaying small items or artwork that are comforting in your home.


Memorial Photo Crystals

Favorite photos can be infused or engraved in glass for display at home. These photo displays come in many sizes and are an excellent way to preserve your most treasured photos.


Keepsake Urns

Keepsake urns are a way to store and safeguard special remembrances of your loved one or beloved pet. They will hold an item of jewelry, a dog tag, or a portion of cremation ashes.

The pictured Keepsake Urn is available in our store.


Memorial Stones

Typically, these are made as stepping stones or garden stones with remembrance sayings or phrases engraved or imprinted. These are meant for placing in a flower garden, under a tree, or anywhere in your yard. You can often purchase these stones with personalized information.

Memorial Figures

Angels are a popular choice, but you should select any figurine that is meaningful to you. What evokes a memory of your loved one? Did he enjoy golf? Was she particularly fond of turtles? Was he into cooking? Was she an avid tennis player? You can select and display any type of figurine or Knick Knack that gives you pleasant or loving memories each time you look at it.

Memorial Candles

A memorial candle can be any favorite scent or color your loved one enjoyed. You may find a special place in your house to display a small grouping of candles, perhaps a trio of candles to represent your love for them in the past, your memory of them today, and your loved one’s legacy that will go on. You can also purchase candles and candle holders with imprinted remembrance phrases.

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