Teddy Bear Urns

This is NOT Your Grandmother’s Cremation Urn

Puzzled by what to do with those ashes? Don’t worry, you don’t have to buy a plain Jane urn. There are lots of really fancy (and maybe a little creepy) things you can do with cremation remains. You can even have a teddy bear picnic with this family three-pack. (Funeral-urn.com) Click through our gallery for […]

Your Cremation Guide is on the way

An email with a download link to the Cremation Guide is on its way. Please check your email. If you don’t receive the email within the next 30 minutes, we recommend that you check your spam folder. If you don’t receive your Guide within the next few hours please try again.  It’s possible there was […]

5 Questions: Preparing the Deceased for Burial or Cremation

1. Is embalming required? Depending on local regulations, funerals that occur soon after death may not require embalming. Embalming is a method of temporarily preserving the body to: Make it easier to transport the body over a long distance. Give survivors ample time to schedule and hold funeral services. Refrigeration can also preserve the body, […]

Pet Cremation and Burial

Just as there are local ordinances that dictate how a person’s death is handled, there are laws regarding how to proceed after a pet dies. Whether you plan a funeral or memorial, one immediate practical issue to address is transporting your pet’s body from the home or veterinary hospital to the final resting place. Your veterinarian is a valuable resource for information on laws and costs pertaining to the options in your area. Burial of a Pet

Let Us Power Your Preneed

We work in an industry that is constantly evolving. It’s tough to keep pace between changes in culture, the norms surrounding dealing with death, and rapidly advancing technology. Despite that, some things never change. Families continue to seek practical and personalized solutions to navigate the complexities of end-of-life planning. Offering a comprehensive preneed insurance program […]

What’s the Best Funeral Insurance?

Search for the “best funeral insurance” plans, and you’ll get plenty of results. Most of these results will talk about policies offered by specific insurance companies. There are so many options; how do you choose? Well, you start by creating a funeral plan. Your funeral plan is the key to finding the best funeral insurance […]

How To Personalize a Funeral or Memorial Service

Memorial services and funerals serve a number of purposes. They give us the chance to say goodbye and offer an opportunity for friends and family to gather together to start the journey through the grieving process. In the end, the key reason most of us go to the time and expense of holding a funeral […]

Memorial Items for Loved Ones and Pets: Cherish Your Memories

Losing a loved one, whether human or animal, is a deeply emotional experience. As we navigate through the grieving process, finding meaningful ways to honor and remember them becomes paramount. This holds true whether you buy memorial items for loved ones as a gift for someone close to the deceased. Memorial gifts serve as tangible […]

After The Funeral

Summer 2023 As if planning the funeral weren’t enough, once the arrangements have been made and the service has taken place, there is still a lot to consider, especially if you are named as the estate executor. If you are thinking about your own funeral arrangements or helping a loved one, it can be extremely […]

Funeral Planning Advice from a Chatbot

March 2023 Artificial Intelligence and the Funeral Industry If you follow the news, you’ve likely seen many stories lately about artificial intelligence. From bots that write essays and create images to videos where you can’t tell real from imagined, AI is everywhere these days. AI has the potential to transform many industries, including the funeral […]

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