Church of Christ Funeral Service Rituals

Church of Christ Funeral Customs

The unique aspect of the Churches of Christ is that they have no governing offices or central organization. Each church is autonomous. Members look only to the Bible for guidance. The churches were founded after the Civil War when differences in Bible interpretation sparked division within the Disciples of Christ Church.

At the center of this teaching are the scriptures, which are divinely inspired. One must immerse oneself in Christ to attain salvation. Members believe that Christian souls can enter paradise at death and the unfaithful are taken to Hell on Judgement Day, which happens with Jesus’ Second Coming.

Funeral services are held a few days after the death. Upon arriving, guests are free to sit where they please. They offer condolences to the bereaved, but there is no formal receiving line. If arriving late, funeral attendees should avoid entering with the family. Hymns are sung although musical instruments are not used. A minister reads from the Bible and directs the congregation throughout the service.

Church of Christ Quick Reference Guide
Length of Service Depends
Flowers? Yes (See our Sympathy Flowers)
Food? Yes
Dress Code? (Men/Women) Dark & Somber / Men: Jacket & Tie
Recording Devices? Voice recorder only
Source of Readings? Songs of the Church & The Bible
Open Casket? Usually
Return to Work? (Days) 7
No. of Days to Mourn? 30

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