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Coronavirus Challenges – Six Months On, How Are We Remembering the Dead?

Due to the pandemic, it has been a challenging and difficult time for those who have lost loved ones. The…

2 weeks ago

What’s the Best Way to Face Death? Now There’s A Zoom Class For That.

“If we woke up each morning, knowing we only had a year to live what would change? How would we…

2 months ago

Imagining the “Solar Cemetery” – A Talk With Mortician Caitlin Doughty

With the cost of land rising around the country and an increase in the popularity of cremation, it's become harder…

4 months ago

Welcome to the Age of the Drive-Thru Funeral—Is It Here To Stay?

As the United States moves into its fourth month of quarantine mode, Americans have gotten accustomed to drive-thru medical checkups,…

5 months ago

Will coronavirus forever change the American way of death & the meaning of life? – Interview with Morbid Anatomy’s Joanna Ebenstein

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Digital Dying connected with Morbid Anatomy artistic director and co-founder Joanna Ebenstein for…

6 months ago

Hart Island Back in the News

  With its curious and often dark history, New York City’s Hart Island is no stranger to notoriety. Now it…

7 months ago

The Other Coronavirus Death, From Loneliness, Anxiety And A Failure Of the Heart

As officials work to keep pace with the rising number of coronavirus deaths, another type of death may be overlooked--lonely…

7 months ago

Is Joe Biden Dead? Political Coffins, From Margaret Thatcher to Andrew Jackson

Coffins have a long and fascinating political arc. On the one hand, a coffin is a metaphor for death—and the…

8 months ago

How To Not Die in Your Car on Christmas In A Blizzard

If you live in a cold climate, at some point you are invariably given the wintertime advice that if you…

10 months ago

Welcome To The Age Of The Bicycle Hearse

Bicycles are blazing in cities across the United States, with bike-share programs, bike shops, bicycle-friendly cafes and bicycle-friendly clothing lines…

11 months ago

The Best Cemetery Road Trip List Ever – Fifty Cemeteries Fifty States, Maine to Illinois

Travel along with Justin Nobel as he takes a summer road trip that will inspire you to hit the trail…

1 year ago

A Garbage Truck Funeral Procession, And Other Great Marches of the Dead

A convoy of garbage trucks marched with a coffin to the grave earlier this month in Springfield, Illinois. (more…)

2 years ago

Murder Where We Pray – The New Zealand Attacks Are Added to a Tragic List of Assaults on Houses of Worship

Over the past ten years, the list of deadly attacks in houses of worship across the U.S. has grown long…

2 years ago

Viral Funeral Videos Take the Stage – From Coffin Rising to Worm Burials

There is another viral funeral video tearing across the internet, and this one is truly special. (more…)

2 years ago