Dying To Vote – As Election Day Nears, Some Older Americans Go To Extremes

The great COVID-19 election is at last upon us and given the hardships and limitations presented by the virus many Americans have to take extra steps to vote. But some older Americans have pushed the limit even further than others. In fact, they are literally holding death off at the door just to be able to cast their ballot one last time.

Will coronavirus forever change the American way of death & the meaning of life? – Interview with Morbid Anatomy’s Joanna Ebenstein

In the middle of the coronavirus pandemic, Digital Dying connected with Morbid Anatomy artistic director and co-founder Joanna Ebenstein for a conversation about our present times that was both carefree and profound. While Joanna lives in the world’s coronavirus pandemic hotspot, New York City, she is keeping bright and keeping busy. Morbid Anatomy posts ongoing content on their website, including lectures and illustrated essays.

Coronavirus Lonliness

The Other Coronavirus Death, From Loneliness, Anxiety And A Failure Of the Heart

As officials work to keep pace with the rising number of coronavirus deaths, another type of death may be overlooked--lonely death. Health experts tell us that feelings of isolation and loneliness can increase a variety of conditions such as depression and hypertension, for example. The result can be a weakening of the immune system which can have costly consequences during a pandemic. Read on to learn more about coronavirus and death from a failure of the heart.

Entering the Doorway of Death with Dina Taylor

One thing hospice nurse, Dina Taylor, has come to understand after 27 years of hospice work: Too often Americans are shuttled hastily through death’s doorway. An essential component of life is missed, for both the person passing, and their loved ones. To help families plan a better death, Dina has begun mentoring with a San Diego-based company called Thesholds that arranges home funerals. Read more about Dina's unique approach to helping people deal with death.

Christmas and Death in North Korea

This year Christmas again arrives in the middle of a religious storm. Islam has been pitted against Christianity, with flash points in Africa, Syria and other parts of the...

Weekly News 5/1/2015: Notable deaths this week

This week we said goodbye to a treasured soul singer, a inspirational weight loss visionary, an iconic voice, and a child actress. We witnessed Mother Nature's wrath in Nepal and watched New Orleans celebrate life and death.

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